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Thread: PS2 mouse pointer flickering

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    PS2 mouse pointer flickering

    I am currently having a problem with a fresh new installation of Precise. The mouse pointer flickers when moved, but this behavior can only be seen if a PS2 mouse is used, plugging in a USB mouse appears to solve the issue.

    If both the PS2 mouse and the USB mouse are plugged in, the PS2 causes a flickering movement while the USB works just fine.

    I know for sure the PS2 mouse works fine because it worked just fine when I ran Ubuntu the first time through the LiveCD.

    I had never seen something like this and I'm pretty stuck with this problem.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: PS2 mouse pointer flickering

    when you unplug a mouse it does not disappear, so it must be a display error or your mouse is jumping to the edge of the screen every time

    what gpu and driver are you using?
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