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Thread: Why do i have Online Accounts twice?

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    Re: Why do i have Online Accounts twice?

    Quote Originally Posted by scradock View Post
    This is all very confusing! Are you guys in the same universe as I am? I am running an updated (current) QQ with almost nothing removed, but I find (either installed or available with the standard repos - no ppas):

    NO package named gnome-control-panel - it's gnome-control-center

    NO package named ubuntu-online-accounts - only gnome-online-accounts

    Has the offending package simply been eliminated?
    confusing, yes.
    panels are generally in gnome-control-center package though I believe uoa comes from gnome-control-center-signon & or deps of.

    Saw a weird happening here where I don't use online accounts (goa or uoa), & most of the related had been removed.
    (have some needed to run gnome-shell on another user account & build the latest totem git to ck. some recent fixes.
    Out of the blue starting getting a red cog warning for 'online accounts' on a unity only user that showed up on every login after nautilus or FF were opened. Clicking on produced the 'dead end' as seen in screen

    Finally resolved though haven't discovered the cause
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    Re: Why do i have Online Accounts twice?

    sorry I input the wrong package name, it should be gnome-control-center, as you've mentioned. Still you should check the package versions as I suggested.

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    Re: Why do i have Online Accounts twice?

    i am laughing my head off
    i started this thread as i was seen double or a ghost,never mind it was a BUG,some said no,some said yes and finally i see every one seing what i saw,this is kind of funny,at least the last one by mc4man and the pic,no account for null,hehehehehe

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