Hi there,
i got a problem with the update manager while upgrading... i'll try to explain the problem as good as i can!

today day i've finally upgraded my asus eee 1015px (ubuntu certified) from the 10.10 to the 11.10.

everything went fine until I did the last update... that ruined asus repositories setup. as now, the update manager is searching the updates here:


but there's no such directory!

going through browser, i can see that http://asus.archive.canonical.com/updates/ has more than one "oneiric" folder but every one is specific, with a name after it:

[DIR] oneiric-beitou/
[DIR] oneiric-boulder/
[DIR] oneiric-dell/
[DIR] oneiric-madou/
[DIR] oneiric-nuannuan/
[DIR] oneiric-sutton/
[DIR] oneiric-tianjin/
[DIR] oneiric-upton/
[DIR] oneiric-xinbeitou/
[DIR] oneiric-xizhi/

i wonder which one is the one that i have to set as my asus repository...

i think i've understood that in the GUI, the url has to be

then it automagically enters the folder

then it chooses the "distribution" forlder, that in my case would be just

and here comes the problem, since http://asus.archive.canonical.com/up...dists/oneiric/ doesn't exists.

anyone that could help me solve the problem? i've deactivated that repo for now, but i wouldn't like to miss some important asus-specified updates.

thanks for the attention!