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Thread: upgrade ubuntu version

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    upgrade ubuntu version

    Hi all, on my samsung nc10 I have installed ubuntu 11.10. A pop up window asked me if I want to upgrade to 12.04, so I was wondering first of all if it is a good idea to upgrade (it has 2GB RAM so I suppose it's enough) and also, if I upgrade does everything on my machine gets wiped out? Also it is worth noting that the machine is a dual booting ubuntu/windows

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    Re: upgrade ubuntu version

    The following document will familiarize you with the upgrade process:

    At the top of the page where it says "Before you start the upgrade, we recommend that you read the release notes for Ubuntu 12.04, which which include workarounds for any problems you might encounter," I highly agree with this recommendation.

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    Re: upgrade ubuntu version

    Please understand that, once you upgrade, you have no option to "roll back" to what you have now. So, if you encounter problems after the upgrade, which is not unusual, you will have to fix those to get a fully working system again.

    The SAFE thing to do is to do a backup of your current install to an external drive, that way, if the upgrade encounters serious problems that you can't fix, you can "restore" back to what you have now.

    Recommend using Clonezilla to do this.
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