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Thread: Getting started on Unity

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    Getting started on Unity

    When some previous upgrade installed Unity on my PC I couldn't find anything and had no time available for figuring it out. I discovered I could switch to the classical view and did so.

    I have just installed 12.04 on a new machine, and I would now like to figure out how to use Unity. There must be some reason it's considered better than the classical desktop view--even though it's not at all obvious to me.

    Can someone point me to a tutorial that explains Unity to someone who is used to the classical view? I don't even know what "dash" means--a term I see in everything I Google about Unity.

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    Re: Getting started on Unity

    If you google so much about Unity you should have been coming across quite some articles about it. Anyways, I guess the most basic things should be explained in the official documentation:

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