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Thread: Univers and Grub

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    Univers and Grub

    G'Day, Just installed the beta2 QQ, grub will not recognise Windows Installs, 12.04 grub works fine.
    How do I get programs from Universe, ie. Synaptic package manager etc
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    Re: Univers and Grub

    The Ubuntu Software Centre? That is where I got Synaptic from in my Quantal installs.

    I do not use Windows so I cannot comment on Grub 2.0 recognising Windows installs. If it doesn't it would be a big issue.

    Go to System Settings>Software Sources>Ubuntu Software tab and make sure that the box is ticked that says Community-maintained free and open-source software (universe). There is also a box marked Software ristricted by copyright or legal issues (multiverse).

    That should make sure that you can download either using Software Centre or terminal.

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