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Thread: Grub2 starfield theme not used

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    Grub2 starfield theme not used

    I does not care that much, but grub2 does not automaticaly set the installed starfield theme. Should not it does ?

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    Re: Grub2 starfield theme not used

    The new grub-emu is not working with starfield theme either and still has black on black text you can't see, have to change that, mine is:

    + boot_menu {
    left = 10%
    width = 80%
    top = 20%
    height = 50%
    item_font = "DejaVu Sans Regular 12"
    item_color = "#6ac"
    selected_item_font = "DejaVu Sans Bold 14"
    selected_item_color= "#fff"
    selected_item_pixmap_style = "blob_*.png"
    icon_height = 25
    icon_width = 25
    item_height = 26
    item_padding = 0
    item_icon_space = 0
    item_spacing = 1
    scrollbar = true
    scrollbar_width = 20
    scrollbar_thumb = "slider_*.png"
    menu_pixmap_style = "boot_menu_*.png"

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    Re: Grub2 starfield theme not used

    Because it can not work normally with nvidia-current, Just like plymouth. All these stuff only work with nouveau. I just tried, works ugly. If you use vt.handoff, the transition from gfxterm to plymouth is ok, however plymouth goes bad. If you don't use vt.handoff, the transition is ugly and you have to implement plymouth output with vesa mode, which makes gfxterm looks ugly.


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