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Thread: Dell M4600 vs Lenovo W530?

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    Dell M4600 vs Lenovo W530?


    I'm going to buy a workstation for magazineediting. I have been looking at both the Dell Precision M4600 and the Lenovo W530. I live in sweden and if I buy a lenovo I plan to buy it from US and then change the keyboard for a swedish one. (a lot cheaper than buying in sweden)

    I have an old thinkpad allready, and I love ruggidness, the ability to upgrade or fix them yourself, and the fact that there's a ton of accessories on ebay for basicly nothing at all.

    But how is the Dell M4600? Is it as easy as the Lenovo to open up and change parts to? Say I want to upgrade and/or put in another HDD, or change the keyboard? How rugged is the M4600 and how is the screenquality compared to W530?

    I also wonder how well they perform under Ubuntu. I plan to dualboot, but I will mainly be running ubuntu. Both Dell and Lenovo are known for having good linuxsupport, and both computers can be bouth with RHL preinstalled. But have anyone here run ubuntu on them and knows how well the hardwaresupport is?

    (the Dell I've been looking at has the AMD FirePro M5950 graficscard and i5 processor)

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