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Thread: Unity Dash Performance full screen

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    Unity Dash Performance full screen


    I have noticed that the performance of the dash is 3x slower if I make the dash full screen. If I keep the dash at the default size performance is blazing fast. Anyone know if there is a solution to this or if there is a bug for this already? I couldn't find one.

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    Re: Unity Dash Performance full screen

    A FS Dash is not only slow here with nouveau, basically a disaster after a few opening over a window. Causes the indicators to disappear while open, video degradation in the Dash & sometimes the right click on the Dash icon stops doing anything.

    Also writes a 100,000 or 2 lines to .xsession-errors starting with
    nouveau: kernel rejected pushbuf: Cannot allocate memory
    nouveau: ch4: krec 0 pushes 1 bufs 137 relocs 0
    nouveau: ch4: buf 00000000 00000003 00000006 00000006 00000000
    ect. ect.

    (there are other issues with each of the blurs & the Dash, normal or maxed
    variation of last link
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