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Thread: Upgrade Precise with Startup Disk of Quantum Quetzal?

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    Upgrade Precise with Startup Disk of Quantum Quetzal?

    I have made a startup disk on an 8 GB usb drive of Ubuntu 12.10 Beta 2.

    I have Precise Pangolin already installed and I would like to use the USB Startup Disk of Quantum Quetzal to upgrade Precise Pangolin. Is this practical?

    I've tried adding the USB Startup Disk to software repositories via Synaptic Package Manager, but it doesn't appear (I don't really think that that's accurate, but it was something to try).

    Right now my finances are rather limited; I'm trying to conserve use of my last few DVD+Rs, and I'm using my Android phone for an internet connection. For some reason unknown to me, Precise won't upgrade in place with APT. (Maybe the problem could be that the bandwidth is too small on my Android internet connection).
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    Re: Upgrade Precise with Startup Disk of Quantum Quetzal?

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