Hi, I'd like to backup my stuff to an encrypted virtual volume on USB drive and then be able to open it in MS Windows easily (in case I lose access to my home linux machine). What tool do you advise?

Google tells me truecrypt is the thing I need, but unfortunately truecrypt is not in Ubuntu repos (because of licencing issues, if I got that right). Then, google told me that standard way to do what I want in Ubuntu is through dm-crypt/LUKS. But, then there is no way to use that volume on Windows (or at least it's not trivial). So is there a tool which is in Ubuntu repos and for which there is a free tool on MS Windows which allows me to backup my home dir to an encrypted file on my USB disk?

I do not need all that fancy boot sector encrypthion, plausible deniability. All I need is to rsync my home directory to the USB drive and have it encrypted there. So, what's the standard way to do that?