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Thread: ftp with regular linux user unsafe?

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    Re: ftp with regular linux user unsafe?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheFu View Post
    I always love seeing a blog article I wrote referenced here. Thanks Lars!
    Thanks for writing it. It does a good job of saying what needs to be said. SFTP is too easy to set up so it does not get guides and howtos. Thus when searching for file transfer, it does not come up in the search engine results. So it's important that blog posts like yours bring up the key points about using SFTP.

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    Re: ftp with regular linux user unsafe?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ortix View Post
    And I always google first. Obviously it's much faster than just sitting and waiting for an answer. But regardless of how much I google, i get told to google more. I then wonder what that community is meant for if asking questions is practically not allowed
    Searching online fails for everyone sometimes.

    Learning how-to search is definitely a learned skill. The trick is to be specific, but not so specific that nothing is found. Sometimes when I can't find the answer, it is because I'm using the wrong terminology. Someone else teaches me the better term to search with and the heavens open with results.

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