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Thread: How to unhide the auto-hide launcher?

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    Re: How to unhide the auto-hide launcher?

    Quote Originally Posted by funicorn View Post
    @Prolcat, do you mean the bug is fixed by NVIDIA or by Unity ?
    Nothing as changed or been 'fixed', anywhere.
    There are 3 choices now
    current (.43
    updates (.51 - still breaks on auto-hide for those affected
    experimental (.48

    The only thing people should keep in mind - if switching it's better to do in synaptic & match nvidia-settings package to nvidia package

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    Re: How to unhide the auto-hide launcher?

    +1 on using Synaptic. Neither version works better for the Unity launcher or Compiz.
    I still have to logout sometimes a couple of times to get Compiz not to break at bootup.

    Hopefully Nvidia will either offer another version or fix 304.51...
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    Re: How to unhide the auto-hide launcher?

    Thank you everyone,

    I was using the super button hoping for an nvidia update. Didn't know it would be so simple to correct the problem myself after proper instruction from my peers. Working great again on a System76 Pangolin Performance panp6. Can I delete the backup file?


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