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Thread: Flash not working in ubuntu 12.4

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    Question Flash not working in ubuntu 12.4

    I have checked the forum to see if I could find out why flash is not working and to see if there was a solution to this problem. I have not found any as of yet. I know flash is installed as I have used flash aid to install it. When I go to youtube and try to view a video I get nothing not even a box where the video will go. I am using firefox and have added the download plug-in to download the video and that works fine but I would like to see them on the web site. I have also tryed chromium and that will not work either. Dose anyone have a guess as to why my flash is not working. (please help)

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    Re: Flash not working in ubuntu 12.4

    What video card do you have?

    I have an ATI 9200SE in my machine and I get exactly the same problem as you with the latest flash 11.2.202.

    The only way I have found to overcome this is to use an earlier version of flash, which you can download and install following the instructions at Flash 11.1.102-63

    I recommend you use the flash-block or no-script add-on for firefox if this is what you do end up using as there is a security risk with an older flash.
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