How is everyone?

Have to say I am preferring Ubuntu and Linux to Micro**** right now. I have had to completely switch over to Ubuntu, getting rid of Win 7 completely.. Critical error and Dell/Microsoft wanting their $$$ hooks into me, as it were... So far so good, except I was trying to run Windows XP in VIrtualbox. Install was normal, SP3 updates also normal, .NET Framework 3.5 was normal as well. 1GB ram, 10GB HDD space allocated for the .VDL

My problem is Ubuntu seems to be Black Screening on me alot and I have to Hard Boot to fix it. Well this last time, when I went to boot up XP Pro in VB, It gave me a BSOD with the code "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO".
Seeing as how I do not want to loose a good 14+ hours worth of work.. Any way to fix this?

Im somewhat techno-savvy, but newish to the Linux scene. My Network Security professor is the one who actually recommended Ubuntu and even taught us the basics of its use