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Thread: how do I get snow back on my desktop?

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    how do I get snow back on my desktop?

    this may seem like a silly problem, but one of the things that I fell in love with when I first started using Linux several years ago was the snow effect on Compiz and later on Kwin when I switched to KDE. But for some reason every single desktop environment has hacked this out of their code.

    So my question is this: what distro and which desktop environment do I have to use to get this plugin back? I'm more than willing to format my hard drive and distro hop JUST to get snow back on my computer.

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    Re: how do I get snow back on my desktop?

    This thread might help. I believe the snow screen saver is in this.

    EDIT: I am sorry I was thinking of something else when I posted here.
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    Re: how do I get snow back on my desktop?

    Snow was removed from the Compiz extra plugins. E17 has snow and rain modules but they are very different. You would need a an SVN PPA or an E17 distro like Bodhi Linux to get the modules working.The E17 packages in the repo are incomplete and outdated and Compiz won't work with E17.

    There are Gnome 2 distros like Scientific Linux but I don't know if an older versions Compiz and plugins are available for it.
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    Re: how do I get snow back on my desktop?

    Yep, and theres been no snow in KDE either since 4.7.

    See here for more details:


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