I have a Ceton USB infinitv box, with a cable card installed. It works fine on the Windows Media center, but, for various reasons,I want to switch to Mythbuntu

So, i installed a second internal AV-type of hard disk, and put Mythbuntu 12.04.+ on it, and installed the updates up through today.

After a brief discussion with Ceton support, i was able to compile their usb user-space driver, and install it.

However there are a couple of problems - not the least of which is that the Ceton tuner is not visible to the backend. It does have an ip address, of, but apparently the backend cannot connect to it.

Has anyone successfully accomplished this setup? The Ceton support person emailed saying that he though there was a problem in 0.25. Here is a direct quote from the support person, taken from his email:

"I do want to note though that myth 0.25 had issues playing video off
our USB tuner last time I checked. It seemed to be an issue in myth
that I didn't have time to look into."

Anyone able to help with this?