To the Ubuntu Studio Development Team:

I just wanted to compliment you on a job well done! I've used Ubuntu Studio in the past, off and on, for different multimedia projects. I found it loaded very slowly and was quite buggy and it usually took weeks just to get sound and other basic amenities to work. I've also tried XFCE in the past, I can't say it ever really impressed me and when I heard it was the choice for the latest version I sort of rolled my eyes and expected the worse.

Wow! Was I surprised! It's a beautiful and quite functional layout right out of the box. While I did have to do a few extra steps after installation to get the sound working properly, I was up & running in just a few hours. Previously, I had run into many bugs when copying and pasting files while using a different physical drive, applications froze or crashed, and the overall speed was slow -especially when multitasking. Now it loads about 5x faster than my other distro and can run many more memory intensive applications simultaneously. I was totally blown away!

To top it off, it included Gedit and Nautilus, which most everybody is familiar with. I used to always have a dual boot because Studio was so slow. I only booted to Ubuntu Studio when I needed to work on multimedia. It's so quick now, there is no need to dual boot! When the next version comes out I am going to wipe my drive and use only Ubuntu Studio. And the cool thing is - I can't think of anything that I will feel like I'm missing. Great job! I've always just downloaded distros for free. When the next version comes out I'm buying it to support the Ubuntu Studio project!

Thanks again for all of your hard work making this incredible distro!=D>=D>=D>=D>