Hi everyone!

I've installed Ubuntu 12.04.1 on my homebuilt ITX box and everything works great, except for suspend. If you suspend the machine, it will go into suspend mode, and wakes after 3 seconds. Viewing the logs doesn't seem to give a reason for the wake event. I've tried booting in both UEFI and CSM mode. Tried the xorg-edgers repository. I've even tried shutting off as many onboard devices as I can, that was no help. Any idea's?

Here's the specs:
Ubuntu 12.04.1 64bit
Asus P8Z77-I Deluxe (latest firmware 607)
Intel Core i5-3770K
Using Intel HD4000 graphics
Patriot Gamer 2 series 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1600Mhz
Kingston SV100S2/128G
Seagate Barracuda LP ST31500541AS
LG Slimline DVD drive