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Thread: What happens after installing nvidia graphic drivers?

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    Question What happens after installing nvidia graphic drivers?

    Hey guys,

    I'm going through some sort of most weirdest problem here.

    During and after installing Ubuntu 12.04.1 x64 LTS. My NVIDIA - 9600GT Graphic card's Cooling fan rotates on the most high RPM and that is obvious to install Graphic Card's drivers to slow it down.

    When I install graphic card's drivers, I am not able to boot into Ubuntu again. After boot screen comes, theres no progress after it. I try to go into recovery mode and repair packages, but all in vain.

    I changed my source, tried to install from "ubuntu-x-swat/x-updates" ppa, but also it does the same.

    Please advise.

    FYI, my last OS was Ubuntu 10.10 which I used since the day it came. All used to went smooth. I have been using Ubuntu since last more than 3 years and this hasn't happened to me ever. (Looks like Linus Torvalds' comment at Aalto university for NVIDIA was quite right)
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    Re: What happens after installing nvidia graphic drivers?

    I have 12.04 with nVidia 9600GT and have no issues.

    I have the 304.43 driver from the repository. I selected the current version updates as the older version (standard version) when I installed was 295.40, but I do not think the major issues with that version applied to 9600 series anyway.

    NVIDIA 295.49 Fixes Linux Performance Regression
    Fixing the performance regression of the 295.40 driver that affected GeForce 6 and GeForce 7 series hardware.
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