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    Unhappy Help with Unity and games

    Hi, I'm playing Rochard (from Humble Bundle 6) in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) with latest upgrades and I'm getting some screen trashes sometimes and whenever a click middle mouse button. It is a bit annoying but never prevent me to continue playing.
    But recently I reached the point I get the grenade launcher and every time I shoot the screen trashes and when it back to normal my the character turns himself to left and don't shoot. Now it is preventing me to go further.

    Also, I think it's not a game bug but a Unity (the DE not the game's engine ) one since I booted my (good and) old Ubuntu 10.10, installed Rochard, copied the save game, and played WITHOUT ANY disturbance!

    By the way, Torchlight outputs no sound in 12.04 and is fine in 10.10.

    Is there any workaround (besides play in Maverick Meerkat) for these bugs? It's quite disappointing see a new and LTS release be a lot more buggy than an old and dead one.

    My hardware:
    Intel Core i7 860
    4 GB RAM
    AMD/ATI Radeon HD 5870 and proprietary drivers
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