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Thread: New Box UP!!

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    New Box UP!!

    hey gang!!

    I applied power to my new U-Box, and VOILLA!! She's up!! I'm using the new box to write this post!!

    I did have to push the MEM OK button on the M5A88-M -- the first time. But as soon as I did it accepted the memory and proceeded with POST

    I took the default set up -- for now it's fine.

    and then it asked me to put a bootable media in the optical drive.

    I put in the ISO CD I had made of Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64 bit for AMD systems.

    This new box had that all loaded and updated while I went out and got the mail

    So, I'm a HAPPY CAMPER!!

    the performance monitor shows 8GB Ram -- which is what I installed, -- and 4 operational CPUs -- I installed an AMD Phenom II 4 core 3.4 GHz cpu. ( the heat sink was a PITA though ) . and I had trouble getting all the cables arranged neatly inside the case Used a little DUC tape to keep the loose ends tamed

    Still to do,-- I'm missing a SATA cable. I had to order extras because the M5A88-M only included 2. But I put in two hard drives ( planning to run RAID0 -- which is supported on the M5A88-M )

    and I have to install the wireless adapter yet. right now I'm hooked in using RJ45 cable

    more later!!

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    Re: New Box UP!!

    Congrats! Nothing like the feeling when the new build first POSTs. It must be like the joy a woman feels after childbirth!


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