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Thread: Dutch forum

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    Dutch forum

    Good afternoon,

    I registered me on Ubuntu.
    Since a few weeks im a happy user of Ubuntu.
    Sometimes i have as new user questions about Ubuntu.

    But when i go to the Dutch forum then i see this: There is an error! I'm sorry Guest, you are exiled from use of this forum!This banishment is permanent.
    Why is that?
    My main language is Dutch so i prefer to go to the Dutch forum.
    in the mean time i will use the English version.


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    Re: Dutch forum

    Thread moved to Forum Feedback & Help.

    This is nothing to do with this forum.

    We have absolutely no idea why they have banned you - you need to contact them.

    Forum Social IRC Channel
    Xubuntu IRC Support
    Xubuntu Support

    Please do not PM me about Registration issues without having been asked to. I will tell you to post here


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