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Thread: Fail in dualbooting ubuntu om macbook pro

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    Fail in dualbooting ubuntu om macbook pro

    I'm the happy owner of a MacBook Pro mid 2010 as far as I remember. Its running 10.7.xx. Latly it has been feeling slow and i have upgraded the RAM from 4 to 8 Gb. No luck and now I would like to run ubuntu for a more pleasent and fast experience. I'm new to ubuntu but want to explore.

    I have followed the guide from:

    I have given ubuntu 40 Gb of space.
    I have been using the 32 bit ubuntu 12.10 distro.
    Is that okay or is there a special mac-hardware disto?

    After i have completed the guid my problem is that ubuntu wont boot. The screen just freez after choosing ubuntu in the boot menu.
    I have fixed the Partition Tables after the install.

    I think the problems is that i have done something wrong in the installation proces.
    Before install i have created a 4 Gb linux swap and a 36 Gb EXT4 partition.
    I think a have set the EXT4 partition as root (/) but when i comes to installing the boot loader (grub) to the root Ubuntu partition im having problem.
    What does it mean? and how to i install the boot loader?
    I think that ubuntu does not boot since the bootloader is not installled
    Before installation im also prompt about som bios-partition i haven't created. Angain i don't understand the problem and therefore don't know how to fix it. Is the bios-partion the same at the bootloader?

    It would bee nice if you could post at link to at picture guide as im new to ubuntu.

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    Re: Fail in dualbooting ubuntu om macbook pro

    what do you get when it freezes? a blinking cursor? "GRUB"?

    you probably want to use the amd64 iso, not the 32 bit.

    you when the installer starts and ask you about the partition, there is a way to tell it where to install grub. you want it to be installed to /dev/sda3 or /dev/sda4 if i understand your partitions correctly. make sure you use refit to sync the partitions.


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