Okay, so last week I finally got rid of my old Windows XP and installed Ubuntu 12.04. I started fresh, wiping mt 60gb hard drive of EVERYTHING, (I have an old, crappy, HP Compaq nw8240 workstation). I don't really know anything about Linux, but I am trying to learn as best I can. I've always known the best way to familiarize yourself with anything is to dive right it, so I did. I can do simple stuff on the terminal. Like, connect to my AIM account, and log in to IRC. But other than that there's not much else I'm capable of.
So my question today is: How can I get and run a SNES emulator. I have hundreds of games that I recently downloaded. But my ZSNES emulator just wont do the trick. Every time I open it, the screen goes blank and shuts the program down. I've installed and removed it plenty of times, read various forums, but nothing I do seems to work. Any help from star to finish would be greatly appreciated.