I use Ubuntu One as well as SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox for a number of years on multiple systems. I use them for backup, sharing, accessibility and synchronizing across systems. No "one" system has been able to satisfy all of my needs but the competition is heating up and I am afraid Ubuntu One is falling behind.

This brings me to my question: is there a way in which somebody from the community (a non-Canonical employee) can help the Ubuntu One project?

I may not be experienced with programming in this capacity (client and python-based web) I am willing to learn what I need if there is a way I can submit it to the Ubuntu One team.

Not many projects really get me fired up enough to want to get involved with or to take the time to learn what I would need to, but with Ubuntu One I see a lot of potential and possibilities to make a difference.

I see room for improvement in the website interface, and applaud the web searching & buying feature for the Ubuntu One Music Store (announced today).