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Thread: Can't access some websites

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    Angry Can't access some websites

    Hi guys, I really need some help.

    I have a weird problem actually.

    Let me explain this to you :
    I have a shared internet connexion (wifirst, for all people in my flat). But I can't connect 2 computers on it with the same account. So instead of paying 2 accounts, I use connectify. I have 3 computers (my main, my laptop and my gf's).

    I run connectify on windows seven 64x. (my main computer)
    I can connect the laptops (windows seven) on it and use the internet normally.
    I when I connect the laptops on linux (dual boot, ubuntu 12.04), I can't use the internet normally. I mean, a lot of websites are unreachable (facebook, hotmail...)... and this is very slow.

    How to do with that ? Any help ?

    Thank you for reading.

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    Re: Can't access some websites

    Can you ping the websites you are trying to access:

    Open a terminal:



    Ubuntu 11.04 64 Ubuntu 11.04 Server - (Linux User 52879)
    Apache, MySQL, PHP, FTP, Squid Proxy Server (Ubuntu 10.10) and

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    Re: Can't access some websites

    Yes, I can ping facebook, and google and hotmail !
    (I even tried to do a wget on facebook and it worked)
    But with firefox or chrome, I can't go to any of these websites !


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