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Thread: Installing bug fixes

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    Cool Installing bug fixes

    Hi all,

    I am trying to install a bug fix if I am correct has been solved:

    How do you download this patch and fix it?

    Also what does Triaged mean:


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    Re: Installing bug fixes

    "fix released" means that the packages available in Ubuntu's repositories should already contain the fix. So you shouldn't have to do anything, the fixed package should get installed through normal system updates.

    What comes to "triaged" satus, this should explain it:
    Triaged (Keep This Bug On The Radar)

    This is an intermediate status that can be used to distinguish community-confirmed bugs from bugs that the official QA team has acknowledged and plans on working on. Many projects don’t need a separate stepping stone and developers can pick bugs directly from Confirmed into In Progress. At this point, we are sure that a) the bug has been reproduced and established b) developers have acknowledged.

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