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Thread: Dash Transparency problem

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    Dash Transparency problem

    Hi guys!

    I've a problem with 12.04 LTS Dash, the background isn't transparent, it's completely opache. It's fine if I use Unity 2D though.

    I'm using an MSI netbook and when I first installed Ubuntu over a month ago transparency was working fine in the default Unity desktop.

    I've installed various utils such as Compiz settings manager, My Unity etc, but none of them seem to set it right.

    Oddly if I change the background image, then afterwards the transparency works - it's as if it's not updated when I first log in.

    Hope someone know of a fix, as I prefer to use the normal Unity as apposed to Unity 2D as I can adjust the icon sizes and have drop shadows on windows.

    Transparency works fine on the title bar at the top (where the date and time is).

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Dash Transparency problem

    ...probably you already tried this, but did you try another video driver (Dah Home > additional Drivers)?

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    Re: Dash Transparency problem

    I have exactly the same issue here. On my Asus EEE netbook with an atom processor.
    Shortly after the release of Precise Pangolin there came a new version of Unity. From that time I had this problem. Before that is used to work fine on the eee-pc.

    Also I share the experience with the wallpaper.


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