I have a new Asus laptop with 500GB HD, 4 GB RAM. I want to dual boot Windows and Ubuntu on it. How do you suggest I partition it.

Windows partition (how large?)
Swap 4GB (or should that be 8GB, that is 2xRAM?)
Root 5-10 GB
Home (Data?) the remaining disk space (Both Windows 7 and Linux can access files. NTFS folder?)

And how much space does a normal Windows partition need (Windows Enterprise, Office 2007, plus a few more programs, probably not many programs because I have lots of programs as "portable" on my USB DiskOnKey.

Note: I find the whole extended partition thing SO confusing (primary, extended, and logical). I just never manage to understand it.

Important I want my data to be accessible both from Windows and from Linux. I guess that means Data will be a shared NTFS partition.