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Thread: Best RSS reader and RSS feeds

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    Re: Best RSS reader and RSS feeds

    It was a GNOME app (Possibly Liferea, I don't remember) that got me started to the world of RSS, but eventually. I really think the best you can do with RSS feed readers is use a web site. I think applications in Linux/GNU tend to be very good, but the thing with RSS is that, specially if you use multiple computers and platforms, it is more practical to track the RSS you have already read if you use a web site.

    Unfortunately, RSS web sites have been a chain of fail lately. I initially used bloglines, which back in its day was actually cool. Then some company bought it and redesigned into an awful website that was not as useful. Forced me to look for alternatives until I eventually settled with Google reader.

    Then Google reader went through ridiculous changes itself. I still use it but it is far less useful without the share option.
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    Re: Best RSS reader and RSS feeds

    Google Reader is full of win. Having a single reader that tracks what I've read and what I haven't across all PCs and my phone is a killer feature.

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