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Thread: backup/moving filesystem that mounted on /

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    backup/moving filesystem that mounted on /

    when i first installed ubuntu(dual boot win 7), i partitioned it to /boot / and /home.
    After installing ubuntu for a few months, one of my filesystem /dev/sda7 which is mounted on / is running out of space.

    i tried shrinking some space from win7 partition,
    from that free space i wish to create a new filesystem of 30-40GB and move the /dev/sda7 content over to the new filesystem and mount the new filesystem to /.so i would fallback on remounting /dev/sda7 back to / if the new filesystem fails..

    is it possible to do that?
    how is the steps?
    if the steps involved typing in terminal as well as modifying some config files, is it possible to add some comment/ keywords on what does that do because im still learning and this will be much appreciated.

    Thank you.
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