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Thread: Ubuntu 10.04 No GUI

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    Ubuntu 10.04 No GUI

    I've got a system that over the weekend I rebooted and since then it no longer loads a GUI beyond the "ubuntu" splash screen with 5 red dots under it.

    The interesting thing (at least to me) is the system is definitely loading because I can access the system via ssh. It also appears that X is starting from the gdm logs, and I can export my display to :0 and force start a gnome-session to the local screen that way. I just currently do not get to the point where the GDM greeter is starting and allowing me to log in at the box.

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    Re: Ubuntu 10.04 No GUI

    What version of ubuntu are you running?
    Can you start up the X session with startx ? 12.04 has a different command like /etc/init.d/lightdm or some such .. I am not sure at all.

    Can we not re-install the desktop to resolve?

    kindly regarding <==BDQ


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