I've had the Asus EP121 since it first came out and put Ubuntu on it almost the day I got it. It has gotten a TON better, but it's still frustrating at times. I'll admit that I'm 'tech savvy' but I'm definitely not able to do any type of deep 'detective' work and change things to make it act how I want... Having said that, I'm more than capable of searching the forums and trying 'simple' fixes.

Touching the screen with my finger seems to work intermittenly, but almost always results in a 'stuck click' behaviour even with the newest eGalax drivers.

Cannot 'double click' using finger touch.

Multitouch doesn't work for me.

Onboard behaviour is also a little annoying at times. When typing in the firefox address or search bar if a suggestion pops down, the keyboard disappears. When placing the cursor in a text entry box on the facebook website the keyboard does not appear.

These are minor gripes, to be sure considering the Wacom drawing capabilities I gain, but every day use issues that keep this from being my 'daily driver.'

I just can't wait until we can use the EP121 with the Ubuntu for Tablets interface!