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Thread: Finding a open source project to work on.

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    Finding a open source project to work on.

    Hello my name is Todd and I am a 14 year old computer neard from the USA. Lately I have been getting into some php programing and working with databases and things along the line of that. My friends have been programing this game with php and what not, but I want to get some experience with some more professional programmers because I really dont know any in real life. I have been using a lot of tools from open source community. I have been running ubuntu since I was 12(Soo much better then the windows it came with). I built a computer last winter and just lately i have loaded up ubuntu server and am running apache and of coure a lil minecraft for my friends and I. So I was wondering if anyone had any advice for geting started in the open source project relating to php/databases. I really want to get some good experience and learn how the pros do it. Im ok at php i have been working in it quite a bit the last 3 months and I want to become better at and and give back to the amazing open source community i love any help is greatly appreciated thanks

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    Re: Finding a open source project to work on.

    Thread moved to Programming Talk.

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    Re: Finding a open source project to work on.

    There is a good sticky thread in this forum that contains links to a lot of answers to your questions.

    Best of luck!


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