Now that I've found a way to enable executing Linux Apps on my portable media, I'm back to looking at Linux (namely the Buntu's) for a alternate and faster OS for my netbook.

I'm looking at Xubuntu and Lubuntu as possible alternatives to Windows 7, but I want to put something on this thing that's debian or (preferably) Ubuntu based, something possibly faster then (or on par with) Windows 7.

My netbook is a...
Acer Aspire One AOD257
CPU : Intel Atom N455 (Hyper Threaded 1.66GHz)
GRFX : Intel GMA 3150 (128 MB VRAM)
HD : 250GB SATA II 2.5"
Screen : 10.1" LCD (1024x600)
Other : 3 USB, Intergrated Intel Wifi, Intergrated Media-card reader

So is there anything decent that I can put on my netbook for everyday use? I don't really plan on playing games on this thing other then Minecraft (set to the lowest) and Emulation (This thing can at least play Playstation games)

Any ideas?