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Thread: DVD is not detected

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    DVD is not detected

    Hello, i am using Ubuntu 13.04 and i am trying to burn a .iso in a DVD but after i put the media in the driver does not get detected so i test putting a movie (DVD) and does not do anything either although CDs work properly

    this is what i get from sudo lshw -C disk

    description: DVD-RAM writer
    product: DVDRRW GSA-H21N
    vendor: HL-DT-ST
    physical id: 0.0.0
    bus info: scsi@4:0.0.0
    logical name: /dev/cdrom
    logical name: /dev/cdrw
    logical name: /dev/dvd
    logical name: /dev/dvdrw
    logical name: /dev/sr0
    version: D700
    serial: [
    capabilities: removable audio cd-r cd-rw dvd dvd-r dvd-ram
    configuration: ansiversion=5 status=nodisc

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    Re: DVD is not detected

    Can you read a data dvd? If yes, did you install the required codecs to watch a movie dvd?

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    Re: DVD is not detected

    You could try going to System Settings>Details>Removable Media and seeing what setting you have for Select How Media Should be Handled. During much of the development cycle of 13.04 I could not even get an audio CD to play let alone burn an ISO. But it got fixed by release date. The fact that you are able to play audio CDs suggests that you should be able to play a video DVD with the right codecs and burn an ISO image.

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    Re: DVD is not detected

    I had installed restricted extras, DeVeDe, K3b and like i am saying, so far had been only working the CDs as data storage, music or empthy media...and in the system manager everything is been confire to ask whar to do...other media is set to consider it a music DVD and suppose to also ask what to do


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