I'm running 12.04 & Win7HP on a Nvidia/GeForce/AMD64. I have an IOmega Home Media/Cloud Drive. (previously also used a 32bit netbook with both 11.40 & Win7HP). Not sure its actually set up right, but my home network using smb actually does function. I'm replacing my netbook with an iPad2. The gateway is a Motorola SBG6580.

So now I need to know how do I tweak my networking (or change it completely if necessary) to incorporate IOS? I expect some learning curve on this and time isn't a major issue since Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, etc and linking up with Win7 will keep me able to get what I need to carry with me for a while. But my goal is not to store on the mobile, pull in what I need when I need so eventually I'm going to get fed up! Also my next computer purchase will be towards the end of the year and I'm seriously leaning towards a Mac. So expanding my understanding would be good.