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Thread: How do I turn off backup (ubuntu one?)

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    How do I turn off backup (ubuntu one?)

    It seems that backup is activated although I never asked for or agreed to it. There is an active (black) icon on called 'backup'. I have never seen this before.
    When i click on it it says:

    backup location >(drop down list) Ubuntu one

    (i have never installed ubuntu one and I dont want it)
    I dont want backup of any kind or this process to run at all.
    Can someone please tell me how to completely disable this.

    EDIT: The help button is showing me everything EXCEPT how to turn it off.
    Honestly, I am disappoint.
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    Re: How do I turn off backup (ubuntu one?)

    If you don't want backups and you don't want Ubuntu One services, you can un-install Ubuntu One and Deja Dup using the system's package manager.

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