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Thread: wireless filesharing device, need help, nsmasq, hostapd,

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    wireless filesharing device, need help, nsmasq, hostapd,

    I am trying to create a device that appears to be a wireless access point that will server static files to wifi users via web browser. I need to find a way to intercept and redirect DNS to itself so they will see root dirrectory of lighttpd which is running on the device.

    I can get lighttpd to server files without a problem; they can be seen at

    I am also able to get hostapd to make my wireless card appear to be an access point and allow users to connect to it with the following in a hostapd.conf file:


    I know what I am trying to do is possible with Ubuntu because I have tested the piratebox livecd and it works on my hardware.

    Unfortunately, PirateBox servers files with python, has a lot of scripts, and I do not want to use that. I will be serving 100% static content.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to wireless users connected to lighttpd when they connect to my accesspoint?
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