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Thread: Acer M5-481TG clickpad/trackpad not working on Ubuntu 11.10/12.04

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    Synaptics clickpad/trackpad not working on 12.04, partially on 11.10

    I recently acquired a new Acer Aspire TimelineU M5-481TG. I tried installing Ubuntu 12.04, and upon bootup, my Synaptics clickpad does not work, even though I hit Fn+F7 to enable/disable it. I get the image of the touchpad on/off OSD, but it does not physically do anything. I attempted to boot the livecd with the following options and their combinations:

    1) i8042.nomux=1
    2) i8042.noloop=1
    3) i8042.reset

    No dice. In addition, when I boot into Windows, I find the touchpad has been disabled, so I have to press Fn+F7 to get it recognized in Windows again. Given I could not find a solution, I moved to 11.10...

    Edit: This same issue is also present in both 12.10 alpha3, and the latest daily build of 12.10 as of 8/7/2012.


    On 11.10 live cd, I booted up with the default options and I got a garbled screen -- probably due to nouveau and the newer GK107 based NVIDIA card on this laptop, but I knew the clickpad was active because the screen flickered in all it's garbled glory. Next, I booted the 11.10 livecd as:

    boot: live nomodeset

    That got me a working display and a somewhat working clickpad. Here is what works and what doesn't:

    1) left click* (a bit erratic if finger is in movement -- tends to select text/icons otherwise -- see 'Does not work' #2)
    2) Right click a la Mac (two finger multitouch click)
    3) Left click (via tappping anywhere on clickpad)
    4) Dragging windows (or any object) via double tap and hold
    5) General top/left/right/bottom movements

    Does not work:
    1) (Emulated) right clicks -- clicks on the lower right portion of touchpad
    2) Dragging windows (or any object) via left click
    3) Pinch to zoom
    4) Two-finger scrolling

    Here are my questions:

    (A) Are there fixes for the 'Does not work' items in 11.10? If so, what are they?

    (B) How do I go about getting my touchpad to work 12.04/12.10 to see if the issues present in 11.10 have been fixed?

    Since I have the machine with me, and two flash drives with Ubuntu 11.10/12.04 live CD, I can do further testing via terminal commands as need be and file a bug with any relevant information.

    To start, I have attached some output from DebuggingTouchpadDetection page under the heading of: "In case Touchpad features like scrolling, tapping, etc do not work at all." under 11.10.
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