I keep getting this thing where I enter my password to unlock the screen and after its unlocked the cursor has a magnified area around it, I ve tried averything to try and get rid of it, including Orca settings and loads of internet searches, but cant find anything that works, currently, the only thing that works is to reboot. Anyone know how to stop it ?

Also, if I hibernate my pc, it might turn itself back on, maybe straight away, maybe after a few mins or maybe after a few hours, or maybe it wont turn itself back on and it ll stay off-its a random thing, but can be very annoying when youre woken up by your pc turning itself on and even more annoying for it to turn itself on again, right after youve just turned it off having been woken up by it ! It is a new pc (well new to me) but my last one started to do the same thing not long after I had upgraded to 12.04, so I m thinking its something to do with ubuntu rather than a hardware thing. Any ideas ?