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Thread: How to install themes

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    Re: How to install themes

    That's great to know that Myunity is working good for you. If you want to add different extensions for Gnome-shell, then would be a great place for you. This site will help you to get excellent extensions for gnome-shell. Not only that, this site will also show you the status of any extension, whether it's installed or not, if you visit that from your gnome-shell desktop. You just need to press the button on/off on that website to use a extension.

    Moreover, if you want docks in ubuntu, then you have several choices, like
    1. AWN
    2. Docky
    3. GLX/Cairo dock
    4. Simdock

    you can choose any of this. Each dock will give you panel to administer the dock.

    Hope these information will help you.

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    Re: How to install themes

    go to for shell extension. I affirm uzumakifahim's suggestion
    With regards
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    Re: How to install themes

    Thanks for the info

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