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Thread: GDM3 Settings Issue

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    Smile GDM3 Settings Issue

    Hello all! I'm a recent convert from Windows and am currently a complete Linux/Ubuntu newbie, so please bear with me.

    I recently installed PinguyOS 12.04 and am trying to customize the appearance of my desktop and login screen. So far, I have figured out how to alter the desktop appearance to my liking through Advanced Settings > Themes. I've also "googled" around a bit and was able to change the login screen background via Ubuntu Tweak. I'm attempting to have the login screen load with the same cursor, icons, and GTK theme I've applied to the desktop, but can't seem to get them to work.

    I'm pretty sure I have the folders in the right directory, as the options load from the GDM3 Settings application. I've tried rebooting my laptop several times, but it still displays the default "elementary" icon theme, "Shere_Khan_X" cursor, and the "Adwaita" GTK theme. GDM3 Settings does apply the other options that came with the PinguyOS 12.04 installation though, so it will load the "redglass" cursor and the "HighContrastInverse" GTK theme if I were to select and reboot.

    Anyway, is there any other information I should include? Any advice will be most appreciated. Thanks!

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    Re: GDM3 Settings Issue

    Thread moved to Other OS/Distro Talk.


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