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Thread: Silverlight installed but nothing shows up.

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    Question Silverlight installed but nothing shows up.

    I have installed the 'Moonlight' and the associated codecs in a few attempts. But when I try to use an app. or view a presentation it shows the loading animation and then nothing shows up. It just stays white and blank.

    Would anyone have any ideas what could be the cause of this, or could there be some missing dependencies?

    Thank you for your insight.
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    Re: Silverlight installed but nothing shows up.

    I don't know much about Moonlight, but it my opinion it just doesn't work very well, but try launching whatever apps you are trying to use via the terminal and post the output here. You'll probably get more responses.

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    Re: Silverlight installed but nothing shows up.

    Moonlight is missing a proprietary binary and simply won't work with certain websites or media. Netflix is one of many examples. Silverlight is in decline so suspect interest in maintaining Moonlight is waning . There have been no updates in over a year.
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