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Thread: Guide for setting up g74 best buy edition

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    could a mod please delete this post??? I think I solved my issues

    Hello all! Does anyone know of a good step by step guide that may exist here for setting up the G74 best buy edition with 12.4? So far 12.4 has been giving me a REAL headache. I spent almost 4 hours last night just getting my graphics driver to "install" and my system to not turn off when I close the lid. Now, my BT logitech keyboard wont work. I am fully commited to do whatever it takes to make this transition to linux, but from my experience thus far it seems like my hardware is completely unsupported(via manufacturer drivers) I can use the vesa driver just fine, but it doesnt look all that great. My NVIDIA driver is working, but it shows as "unknown" in the system info. Should I possibly downgrade to an earlier version of ubuntu? Going with a 32 bit version is not an option at all as that would be a waste of my system. My next question if anyone wants to take a stab at it is getting 32bit libraries for my GFX card to work with playonlinux...should I even use playonlinux....I have used ubuntu 10 and I only used wine to play most of my games via winetricks and a little bit of fanagaling...What options do I have out there? Any help getting steered in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you for reading, this community is indeed awesome!
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