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Thread: Windows 2000 under VurtualBox on top of Ununtu

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    Windows 2000 under VurtualBox on top of Ununtu

    Ubuntu as host, running Oracle VirtualBox as a VM, and having Win2k
    installed as a client, is a great combination of software. I have
    the full use of existing Win2k software, plus the addition of all
    that Ubuntu provides. I even have all the Windows updates through

    What I don't have is the ability to keep updating or upgrading my
    Windows software as the developers take them forward. For instance,
    I cannot install Google Chrome, I can't update to the latest
    versions of FireFox, and I can't upgrade to some of the add-ons, and
    don't like falling behind. So what to do about it?

    Well, the first part of the answer is to recognize that this only
    effects the software running under Windows, that I have no such
    limitations on the software installed under Ubuntu.

    But the second part of the question, I don't have the answer to.
    Is there a way to create a shortcut on my Win2k Desktop that
    will launch an application like Crome, Opera, or FireFox that is
    installed on Ubuntu, and how would I do that?

    That's the question. I can always change the view arrangement
    so that I can access the top toolbar on Ubuntu and launch that
    way, but I am interested in doing it with a shortcut on the
    Windows' Desktop if I can.

    Oh, some might think that sticking to Windows 2000 is falling,
    behind, but I don't see rebuying all that Windows' software as
    moving ahead, particularly since it forces me to consider the
    need to replace existing hardware as well. Your opinion may
    differ than mine, but I like what I have here just fine.
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