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Thread: Another Windows 7, UEFI, Grub Debacle

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    Another Windows 7, UEFI, Grub Debacle

    Just set up my new system, which has UEFI enabled in the BIOS (and no obvious way to disable). I put two drives in there and would like to dual boot Windows 7 and Kubuntu as I did before. However, I can't get Grub2 to see Windows 7. I've spent the day reading forum posts, Launch Pad bug reports, and whatnot, and while I'm close, I can't quite get this to work. I can boot into each system from BIOS if I force it. Not very elegant and useful, though! I know I must be missing something really obvious, but I just can't see it. I know oldfred has been hacking away at this for some time now, hopefully he at least has a fix!

    I'm attaching the results of the latest version of bootinfoscript for reference. However, the basic architecture is:

    /sda1 = /boot
    /sda2 = swap
    /sda3 = /
    /sda4 = /home
    /sdb1 = EFI
    /sdb2 = Windows Reserved
    /sdb3 = Windows
    After reading a ton of posts, seems like the most obvious is to point grub to the bootmgfw.efi on the EFI partition of that drive. So, I edited /etc/grub.d/40_custom like so:

    menuentry "Windows 7" {
        search --fs-uuid --no-floppy --set=root 1261-7FB0
        chainloader (${root})/efi/Microsoft/Boot/bootmgfw.efi
    However, when I run grub-update, I don't specifically see that entry in the list, and when I reboot and try to select the entry, I get a partition not found error. I'm sure that I have the correct UUID for that partition, although I did try using both (hd1,1) and (hd1,gpt1) without any success.

    I did try going the other way as well (i.e. use the Windows 7 bootloader to add linux) with EasyBCD, but that doesn't seem to work either, and it looks like there is no real solution that I can see on the support forums (they basically say that even the most recent beta version is not supporting UEFI/GPT at this time).

    I would forever be indebted to anyone who can point out what I'm doing wrong and help me get a reasonable boot management solution. If there's any info I left out that would be helpful, just ask!
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