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Thread: xerox printer PE16 driver?

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    xerox printer PE16 driver?

    Dear all, good day for you;

    Pls can someone inform where can I find the XEROX PE16 driver for linux? Or equivalent driver?

    I've already searched on Google for such driver, and I do not have other idea where to find it out ...

    Tks in advance,

    B. Regards;


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    Re: xerox printer PE16 driver?

    Lexmark X215, Samsung SCX-4216F and Xerox PE 16 appears to be the same printer. Download the SCX-4216F drivers from samsung site and run installation program. This will install a configuration program and make the driver available in the CUPS printer setup. Printing works fine over smb and socks, haven't tested scanning.

    See page
    Download driver from
    1. Download and extract the driver
    2. Open ''Root Terminal''
    3. Execute installation program.
    $ sudo cdroot/autorun
    4. Choose driver from a list and install
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    Re: xerox printer PE16 driver?

    I used built-in driver of Samsung SCX 4200
    And it's works!

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    Re: xerox printer PE16 driver?

    Hello igor4u and Eupator I also have a problem with installtion of Xerox PE 16 to Ubuntu. I found your links but they are broken. Could you please renew the links or email me drivers.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Re: xerox scaner PE16 driver?

    have problems with my MFP to scan under ubuntu 13.04
    the printer driver from the xerox PE16 works perfectly, but I can not use the scanner, I'm using the MFP xerox PE16 by usb. can someone help me with the problem of the scanner with xsane.
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