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Thread: Looking for an accessible version of Linux due to arm/hand issues

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    Looking for an accessible version of Linux due to arm/hand issues

    Currently, I'm using Gnome 2/Classic in Ubuntu 11.04, with workrave, a patch for the touchpad, and various fixes to restore and widen the scrollbars. I'm getting all sorts of bugs from the update manager. I'd install 10.04 LTS but the patch for the touchpad requires at least 11.04 so I can't do that. I'd like to find an accessible and still-supported version of Linux which fits my needs:

    1. I am not a programmer.

    2. I have trouble with manual coordination: can't form a conventional pencil grip, can't use 'tapping' on touchpads, can't hold most styli, and can't type two-handed. Also can't avoid accidentally 'tapping' on touchpads, so it's important to be able to disable tapping.

    3. I have various arm injuries, and scrollwheels give a stabbing pain in the back of my hand.

    4. I have a lot of trouble with visible-on-mouseover features, like the broken scrollbars. Also invisible features and excessively small buttons/narrow features which are too hard to select are a problem.

    5. I use LibreOffice a lot, and often have two or three documents, in the same program, open at once.

    6. [New] I don't have much experience with joysticks, but I understand that an analog joystick might be an alternative to a mouse.

    What versions of Linux would people suggest? I tried Xubuntu 11.10 but had a bad install and found I couldn't disable the touchpad in it, so went back to Ubuntu 11.04.

    [New] Does anyone have experience using joysticks in place of mice?
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